Monday, July 5, 2010

The Extra Man (2010)

This is odd, but I wasn't completely taken by the movie as a whole. But I was taken by the easy chemistry between the Paul Dano and Kevin Kline. And since, that was basically the crux of the movie, the movie itself wasn't too bad. It leans on way too many easy quirks like a lot of indie movie tend to. But Kline as an aging somewhat escort, a man about 70-80 years out of his time, he nails the funny, actorly, pretentious air that his character gives off. Its kind of an uphill battle to make someone like him likeable, but Kline nails the balancing act, and, not surprisingly, delivers a good amount of the laughs from the movie. Kline is great at this sort of thing. He doesn't reach the heights of his turn as Otto in A Fish Called Wanda, but is still a good turn. Paul Dano pulls his weight really well alongside Kline, which could probably be a pretty difficult bargain. In the end, its an enjoyable trifle, as a Great Gatsby-addict "find himself" in Manhattan. Its good, fun in parts, but not great. Oh, but the soundtrack is really good.

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