Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Man 2 (2010)

So I figured last night that if I was going to see the movie that was basically the opening salvo for the Summer Blockbusters of 2010, I might as well go all the way and see it in the most brain-melting way possible. So I grabbed a couple friends and vetured up to the Jordan's Furniture IMAX in Reading, MA. Before the show we were informed by Eliot Jordan himself that not only were the seats made from some sort of tempurepedic/posturepedic material (or something, but it was comfy), the chairs were also equipped with some sort of "butt-kicker" technology (his words). So every time the there was an explosion or robots punching eachother the chairs would vibrate. Truly we had found the right venue to view this movie. Too bad the movie itself wasn't as exciting as the pitch from Eliot Jordan. Its too bad too, I was looking forward to this. I thought, maybe, like the first one it would be a fun, popcorn romp at the very least. But it's long, and overly complicated only to be too simply resolved, and most importantly it wasn’t very much fun. I don't know, like I said before, maybe movies that are going to essentially end up being about robots in fights should be graded on a sliding scale. I mean this movie exists in a world where not only does Iron Man exist, but Tony Stark in his Iron Man Suit, just has a chat with a top secret special agent from a super top secret agency, in broad daylight at Randy's Donuts. So maybe I should grade on a sliding scale. I mean, I know I am not above this sort of thing, but the execution just seemed off-even the stuff about getting together the Avengers, which is Marvel's endgame, and honestly, I think their idea is not only novel and somewhat revolutionary, but they really need to find a better way to shoehorn in that particular subplot, because when they tried here the movie practically came to a halt. And then it pretty much ends exactly where it started. Tony Stark is still just a rich, self-obsessed jerk. I guess Sam Rockwell might come back as a supervillain, but he was already the villain here, so, who cares? The biggest spoiler, I guess, is that in the end, Tony Stark is dating Pepper Potts. Wow! What a scoop! If there is one question on everyone’s mind as they entered the theater to watch this movie, I am sure it was: Oh My Goodness! When are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts going to start dating!?

I will say this though, which is odd, I guess to say about a movie like this, the acting was actually really good, I particularly, as I usually do, liked Sam Rockwell. The issues here were all with the directing and the writing, really.

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