Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Ode To Nestor Carbonell

SPOILERSSSSSS (FOR THOSE THAT CARE). If you haven't watched last night's Lost yet, and you do watch it, this isn't a huge spoiler, I guess, but you don't want to read any further-lets just say that. Although, I guess the title is sort of a spoiler but on a show like Lost, not especially. Sort of. Okay, seriously, if you care read this in a few days. (I mean what I write isn't some mind blowing treatise, but it gives away something that happened last night...)

Some people have complained that HBO seems to keep certain movies on constant rotation for a while, until they move on to other movies, and for a few months run them into the ground. I'm not arguing-I think its a valid complaint. We recently got HBO again so that we could watch Treme (and frankly, I'd like to keep it around, not only for that, but for Boardwalk Empire, among others. Although, I have to admit nothing else on their lineup of original shows, at the moment, really excites me. I mean beyond a classic standby like Curb Your Enthusiasm. Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, besides saying that of late they have been showing The Dark Knight an awful lot, and I have been watching it a lot. You know what? It still holds up. It holds up under repeated viewings, rough surfaces seem to get smoothed over, and, all in all it still works. Small bumps aside, it still works well. A lot of the stuff I was less enthusiastic about before, I like more now, and some of the stuff that doesn't work as well-the closest being the end fight where Batman is taking on the Joker and his guards, I can still see past because everything else surrounding it so good. Still happy to have it in my personal top ten of the aughts. So I can get behind it when they are replaying things I can enjoy. But that goes without saying, right? So I was excited last night, well perhaps excited is still too strong a word, but I was happy it was on last night where I could watch it up until the penultimate episode of Lost I've been thinking about this for a while, but of course there is another connective thread through Lost and The Dark Knight, and that, of course is Nestor Carbonell, who plays Mayor Anthony Garcia.

Good work, there.

Of course, right now, he is playing Richard Alpert on Lost. Although, after last night perhaps his run on Lost is coming to an end. But I just don't think he's dead, at least not yet. For one thing, I thought he was supposed to be immortal. And I just doubt that they would have such a swift death for a character that has 1) been around for so long, 2) has been so integral, and 3) was given his own episode to explain his "origins" this year. BTW, Carbonell, always reliable, did some of his absolute best work of the show on that episode, "Ab Aeterno". (And according to the semi-reliable IMDB, he will be back for the final episode on Sunday, so who knows really? I could have gone broke by now betting on what would happen on Lost )

Speaking of which, people like to call him "Guyliner" or what not because it looks like he wears mascara. Here's something weird, his eyes are naturally dark like that. According to him in the Lost Season 5 extras, he wears no makeup, and his eyes are just dark like that. In fact, they actually have to put make up around his eyes to tone down how dark they are. Apparently, in real life they are actually darker. Sadly, he had to put up with a lot of bullies growing up because of it.

Lastly, here is a deep cut, he has been on a lot of guest spots on shows like Scrubs and House, but how about his first foray into comic book territory, on the super short lived (only 9 episodes) live-action version of The Tick which starred Patrick Warburton as the titular hero and Nestor Carbonell as Bat Manuel:

Like, I said it was only on for 9 episodes, all of which can currently be watched on Netflix's Watch Instantly option. Its goofy fun, and its fun to see him there.

So, yeah. I hope this leads to even more opportunities for Nestor Carbonell. The connective tissue here being that he happens to have starred in things that I think are awesome. Hopefully someone will find something else that's cool for him to be involved with as soon as possible.

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