Wednesday, January 20, 2010

D.C. Cab (1983)

"It's tough to be a man. It's tougher to be a cabbie."

The 80's were nuts.

In "D.C. Cab," the biggest star is Mr. T, after playing Clubber Lang in "Rocky 3" and before his role as B.A. Baracus in "The A-Team." He was one of the biggest badasses at that time, and yet he wore feathered earrings and tight, Day-Glo pink sweatpants throughout most of the movie. Then you have an amazing roundup of D –list actors: Max Gail from Barney Miller, Adam Baldwin from "Full Metal Jacket," Charlie Barnett from Miami Vice, Gloria Gifford from Vice Versa, Marsha Warfield from Night Court, Whitman Mayo from Sanford & Son, Paul Rodriguez, The Barbarian Brothers, and the biggest surprise yet, a young Bill Maher! Gary Busey also stars, coked out of his gourd and, as usual, unbearable.

Directed by Hollywood's biggest hack Joel Schumacher, "D.C. Cab" combines a few plots that were popular at the time: the raucous misfits versus the straight laced richies (the snobs vs. the slobs, if you will) and race relations. Somehow this movie ends with a kidnapping and a parade thrown for D.C. Cab. Also laughable is how HUGE Irene Cara was back then, as she made a cameo.

It was a strange time. This is definitely a movie I would appreciate more had I watched it a ton growing up like Tina did. As an adult, it's hard to watch these kinds of movies because there's no nostalgia for me, but in the end it's fun to watch.

I am sure everyone has had worse $6.99 impulse buys from a pharmacy checkout line.


  1. everything about this movie sounds awesome.

  2. We should watch it sometime. I own it now, so anytime!

  3. "When these guys hit the streets, guess what hits the fan?"