Monday, January 11, 2010

We live in an Age of Miracles (Two New Years Resolutions)

Sure this isn't finding a way to feed and clothe the world. And disease and war have not been eradicated. But if we even put a little bit of the effort we put towards entertainment towards some of these other myriad problems. We could really do something. (Optimism!) But this isn't that sort of blog. What I am referring to now is the Kindle that was my main Christmas present from my family. Its kind of mindblowing, really. Before I was actually gifted it because, of course, I would never buy one on my own (see also: my first cell phone) I was skeptical to say the least. I am old fashioned in that I like the look and feel of books. But, hey, I like the look and feel of albums and/or CD's too but I have mostly switched to digital as far as music goes. Until we buy that turntable, that is. But that's another story. Anyway, back to the Kindle, my parents also gave me a few dollars to go towards my first five books downloaded. I have downloaded 3 books thus far, and the crazy thing is that one of them is Stephen King's Under The Dome, which is something like 1008 pages long. And its there on this device thats nearly as thin as a piece of paper (sort of). And there is still room for hundreds of more books. Its just crazy. So it has actually helped with one of my resolutions: Read More non-internet materials. (Books specifically) And I have already started to. Very nice. It is sort of like the Roku where everything is not available for it just yet, but there is definitely enough there to keep one busy.

And don't get me started on the Ipod. Like Patton Oswalt says below, its tiny and it will hold every song you have heard or will ever hear. He puts it better:

This is old, but Louis CK talking about how things are awesome yet noone notices:

My other resolution: I'll elaborate more later, but catch up on foreign films I have missed. I mean like classic and recent ones that seemed to have fallen by the wayside for me for whatever reason. But it remains a somewhat substantial hole in my movie "education" if you will, one I'd like to attempt to start filling this year. (Of course, only a movie dork would be concerned with something like this.) We will see how I do.


  1. Three quick suggestions for foreign films: The Rules of the Game, Diabolique, and Yojimbo.

  2. 1) Yojimbo-is currently on my Roku queue
    2) Diabolique-I have seen. I had to see Hitchcock's rival's work.
    3) Rules of The Game-in my Netflix Queue. I should probably bring it closer to the top.