Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

No I haven't seen this in some special, free sneak preview. Nor would I. But I first saw this poster a week or so ago at a bus stop.

It's only a few weeks into 2010 and already a movie is challenging Sherlock Holmes for stupidest tag line. At the very least Sherlock Holmes ended up being an entertaining movie, I don't hold out the same hope for this, unfortunately.

And, on a sort of related note, The Rock (as I still prefer to refer to him as) needs to get in touch with Jason Statham's agent. He could be as big an action star as Statham is. He is has incredible athleticism and charisma, and should be kicking ass like this (sorry, the only clip I could find was this one with the horrible song added over the top-if nothing else skip to 1:30 for the real money shot, so to speak):

He clotheslined a wall!?

But, then again, I am quite sure he sleeps on a big pile of money every night, so what do I know? Kids movies are probably a real money maker.

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