Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kick Ass (2010)

Alan Moore really changed the game as far as superheroes and/or masked crimefighters and/or even science fiction storytelling all those 24 years ago. You can feel that influence in everything from The Incredibles , to parts of Lost to, yes, even Kick Ass. Like my friend Lee said yesterday, its interesting to see where people run with those ideas. Kick Ass is somewhat of a Watchmen in reverse, in this world superheroes do exist in comic books, it just takes one nerd to ask, "Why CAN'T normal people become costumed vigilantes?" While, obviously, not as deep as Watchmen (and I mean the book, not the movie), it's a fun little ride, and sometimes thats enough. I have to admit, to having never read the comic that the movie is based on, so I was going in cold on this one. It's interesting because the ad campaign for this is a bit misleading, its not as overtly wacky as they make it out to be, and its serious while still being ridiculous. I mean it has its overtones, but when I mean, it is about "real-life" costumed superheroes battling what are essentially Italian stereotypes. Special mention must be made of Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, who is just amazing here. Who knew an awesome and bloody battle scene could come between an 11 year old and a crew of hardened mobsters? Well it does.

One thing I did appreciate, was that they were dealing with a ridiculous idea, sometimes with some somewhat serious overtones, and like I said I am not sure this comes from the comic or not. I was glad to see they weren't afraid to go all the way with its craziness and pulpiness. I find too often, shows like Fast Forward and V have these pulpy premises but take themselves too seriously. Kick Ass doesn't, and I kind of appreciate that about it.

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