Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hump Day (2009)

Low budget little indie movie that on the outside is about the drunken idea of two straight, old friends having sex on camera for some independent porn festival in Seattle. Underneath that is an exploration not only of friendship, but also the roles we sort of fit ourselves into in our lives. I liked the two leads-Josh Leonard and Mark Duplass-the whole thing must have been adlibbed for the most part and it feels really natural. They are two friends whose lives have gone in different directions, but its interesting to see how they are both jealous of one another, of eachother's different lives. I think it works on that level, there is a breezy air about it that is nice. I feel like in the end the movie and its, sort of, central conceit pulls its punches a little too much. But as a short examination of too friends catching up, in a sense, after a little while-it works really well. But doesn't hold up in the end. A very nice little movie, if not a complete success.

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