Sunday, December 6, 2009

From My Netflix Queue: Local Hero (1983)

Up until, I would say, a couple years ago I had never seen this movie. I learned about it from him. It happens to be one of his all-time favorite movies. And it is apparently Al Gore's favorite movie. I like how Bill Forsyth writes a "quirky" seaside community without it being aggressively quirky and over the top. The whole movie has this subtlety about it, where Forsyth gives his characters and this seaside Scottish village this lived-in quality where it seems like people have lived together for a long time and don't just exist to be discovered for this movie. If that makes any sense. It feels so comfortable that you understand when Mac has had a little too much whiskey and falls in love with Stella and the idea of staying there forever. It hit me when Mac had to go home to Texas, even though everyone else gets pretty much what they want, it hit me how sad his leaving was not just for him but for me. I wanted to stay longer in that town as well, and had grown quite fond of it. (The seaside town and that area of Scotland looked so beautiful). Lastly, it was good to see Peter Riegert, who, up until I saw him on some episodes of "Law and Order", I thought the only big thing he had done was "Animal House". Also, Burt Lancaster is great as the slightly kooky oil executive who ends up making different choices when he negotiates with a man who lives (and owns) the beach. (Speaking of that scene, it totally made me want to sit around on the beach with those people and just drink brandy out of paper cups.)

On a nerdy note, throughout the whole movie, I thought I recognized Dennis Lawson from somewhere, and looking him up, I got it. He played Wedge, a Rebel pilot who is "featured" in the original Star Wars trilogy. It was good to see him too in an actual, real role.

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