Tuesday, December 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

This is a movie probably best viewed when hacking up a lung, waiting for the Tylenol Cold and Flu to kick in. Its almost like being back in the multiplex in May around here. Even going into this with little to no expectations whatsoever, I initially skipped this because of the really poor reviews it got on its initial release. So yeah, its about what you might expect from a big-budget superhero origins tale. Probably better than "Ghost Rider" but I wouldn't know for sure. It has some interesting ideas, its not wholly terrible, I guess, which I suppose says something. But then again its not that good either. For instance, there's at least three scenes where Hugh Jackman yells "NOOOOOOOOOO" into the air in slow motion. I'm probably having trouble thinking of anything to say because its pretty much forgettable-there's no resonance here whatsoever. I do know that Will.I.Am is a terrible actor. And the mid-movie semi-comedy boxing match doesn't help matters. And Danny Huston does a pretty good voice impersonation of Brian Cox, since that is who plays Stryker "later" in "X-Men 2". Hugh Jackman, though is fun to watch, and a few of the action sequences, while completely ridiculous are fun enough. Its funny, because if one thinks that "The Dark Knight" raised the bar for superhero/comic book movies, that bar seemed to fall pretty quickly.