Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Zone (2010)

Undeniably thrilling and ultimately tragic. It tracks Matt Damon as Miller, who is in a squad tasked with searching for WMD's. From there he starts to realize something is not quite right, and he starts to go down the murky, political rabbit hole of the early days of the Iraq occupation (I'm not sure they have become un-murky but this deals with the time right after the war started) Its like The Bourne movies combined with All The President's Men. If there is one thing Paul Greengrass is good at is action and chase scenes and it shows here, these scenes keep the movie going. The one drawback is that the characters tend to speak in exposition and, many times, come out looking more like ciphers for various views on the Iraq war then fully fleshed out characters. The main actors are good too: Amy Ryan, Brendan Gleeson, and especially Greg Kinnear as a slimy Bush administration official and Khalid Abdalla as Freddy, an Iraqi citizen.

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