Sunday, June 6, 2010

Human Centipede (2010)

From Roger Ebert's review of Human Centipede: "Dieter Laser, who plays Dr. Heiter, takes the role with relentless sincerity. This is his 63rd acting role, but, poor guy, is seemingly the one he was born to play." I couldn't have said it better. If there is one positive to be taken away from watching Human Centipede, its Dieter Laser's performance as the Dr. who puts together the titular centipede. Its really something to behold, he so nuts. I have to disagree with the degree of seriousness that Mr. Laser (apparently his real name) brings to the table, I took over-the-top campy from it-but its a real tour de force. I firmly believe there is at least one part out there for every actor, and for better or worse he seems to have landed him. Whats weird, is the rest of the movie, sure its gross, and it IS gross, but in a weird way its sort of boring, and ultimately doesn't go anywhere. But maybe thats the beside the point, since Tom Six wanted to make a movie whose chief reason for being was nauseating people, and to an extent he succeeds, sure, but there's not too much there in the end.

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