Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tell No One (2006)

This represents the beginning of the great Roku purge of 2010:

That being said, this is a really neat, little, twisty French thriller. It is the story of Alexandre Beck, and how his wife disappeared suddenly and mysteriously while on vacation at a lake. Fast forward 8 years, two bodies are found in the woods near the lake, and starts to raise all sorts of new questions about her murder. I don't throw this around lightly, but this gets pretty close to Hitchcock territory, in a good way, at times. Particularly in the idea of a man wrongly accused, and on the run, trying to figure out the truth of the situation he suddenly finds himself in-or in this case, finds himself back in. And a lot of the fun here is the journey in getting to those answers, which, I suppose goes without saying. Also interesting, and well done, there were a couple of music moments here that I really like, both having to do with American singers/bands which, for whatever reason, was sort of surprising. There is one scene/montage set to Jeff Buckley's "Lilac Wine", which not only delves into the mystery, but explores the tragedy of losing your partner, all of it with just images and the song playing in the background. Overall, really good stuff.

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