Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Pictures

For film nerds like myself, the Criterion Collection is the end-all-be-all. Their huge and incredible catalog is restored to amazing condition, with pristine picture and sound quality, with great bonus features. (They aren't snobs either, while I was doing this I noticed they even delved into Michael Bay's catalog with The Rock and Armageddon. I was also surprised to find Robocop)

At any rate, what really seals the deal is the beautiful cover art for their DVD releases. Most are original designs done especially for the DVDs released by Criterion. According to their website they have something like 534 releases now. Here are my 50 favorite pieces of Criterion cover art. (I haven't actually seen a good portion of these, I know embarrassing, this is going strictly by the cover art, not the actual quality of the movie)

Yi Yi

Wings Of Desire


Umberto D

Thieves' Highway

The Third Man

The Sword Of Doom

The Man Who Fell To Earth

The Killers

The Ice Storm

The Honeymoon Killers

The Bad Sleep Well

The Hidden Fortress

Fallen Idol


Simon Of The Desert

Secret Honor

Scenes From A Marriage


Robinson Crusoe On Mars

Ride With The Devil

Red Desert


Paris, Texas

Night Train To Munich

Nights Of Cabiria

Naked Lunch

My Dinner With Andre



Le Samourai

Koko: A TAlking Gorilla

Knife In The Water

Kind Hearts and Coronets

Kicking & Screaming

House Of Games

Hoop Dreams

Grey Gardens

Green For Danger

Fires On The Plain

F For Fake

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Empire Of Passion

Days Of Heaven


Blast Of Silence

Army Of Shadows

All That Heaven Allows

Ace In The Hole

Two Lane Blacktop

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